How to list easily and cleanly a folder in Windows

Why this software?

It is very easy to list a folder in Windows via a BAT file with the commands MS-DOS DIR or TREE. But it is not very clear in the reading and there are often problems with special characters when saving the list.

Having some knowledge of programming I told myself that it was in my abilities to make simpler, more readable with more features. So I started this project ...

Instructions for use

Launch the utility, then select folder(s) to list and the location where will be registered the list. Then click the button « Generate the list ». Note that you can reach more ample parameters via the vertical button to the right.

The file generated by default is the format HTM and can be read via a Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox (With Internet Explorer, you must allow the script).

If you do not want to waste time configuring the folder to list and the location where will be registered the list. Simply place the utility in the folder to list, run it and then click the button « Generate the list ».

And even less time wasted, namely that you can also add the utility to the right click and save your settings.

The main features of LUD

Available formats
- Document WEB : HTM/HTML/JSON
- Document text : TXT
- Document Excel : XLS/XLSX/CSV
Possibility of
- Filter extensions
- Filter on files by regular expression
- List one or more folders
- List only folders or only files
- Include/exclude hidden files and folders
- Include/exclude the content of subdirectories with depth setting
- Sort the list by name, type, size, creation/modification/access date
- Add the app to the right click
- Save/reset settings
- Archive file in ZIP format
- Debug mode enabled
Possibility display the
- File size
- Deleting Extensions
- Number of items of every folder
- Clickable links pointing to files
- Creation/modification/access date of folders and files with customization


Windows XP/Vista/7/8.x/10 32/64 bit
Requires that .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile is installed
The generated file is independent from the application and can be read on any OS provided with a Web browser.

It can also be printed without problems (do not forget to enable background images when printing).


Comments, critics or ideas
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  • LUD 2.2 Jul 16th, 2018 -  5 times
    • Ability to divide the tree into multiple XLS / XLSX output columns
    • Ability to change the order and size of XLS / XLSX output columns
    • Ability to disable or rename XLS / XLSX output columns
    • Ability to force file size unit to XLS / XLSX output
    • Possibility to list also the hard disks and the readers via the right-click contextual menu
    • Ability to select the folder to list via a copy / paste
    • Ability to set the maximum depth of subfolders to reach
    • Ability to display the date of last access / last modification for folders and files
    • Ability to sort files in order of last access
    • Debug HTML output (search for elements, weight without comma etc.)
    • Debug archiving that did not work at CSV output at all
    • Debugging archiving that presented some accentuation problems
    • Debug the English translation HTM / HTML that remained in French when the source was online
    • Debugging sub-folder filtering to CSV, HTM, HTML, and JSON output
    • Debugging the treeView design at the margins
    • Optimization of the source code generating the XLS / XLSX / TXT outputs
  • LUD 2.1 May 3rd, 2018 -  18 times
    • Complete redesign of the HTML output (news: search engine, number of automatic element, display of the weight of each folder, position of the navbar at the top or bottom, possibility of adding a title / subtitle etc .. .)
    • Possibility of generating the list in JSON format
    • Ability to disable tree and schematization of branches for TXT, XLS and XLSX outputs
    • Ability to edit the output path manually
    • Ability to control the utility via commands applied on the executable
    • Improved CSV output that is now independent of Microsoft Office
    • Improved detection of the presence of Microsoft Office
    • Improved update presence check
    • Reorganization of the forms for more specific settings in the chosen format
    • Debugging Hyperlinks for XLS Output
  • LUD 2.0 Apr 1st, 2018 -  12 times
    • Ability to list local network folders
    • Ability to view and sort the file modification date
    • Ability to list files without their extensions
    • Ability to integrate clickable links for WEB / EXCEL output
    • Ability to save the EXCEL list in CSV format
    • Ability to keep the application open after generation
    • Ability to not automatically select the current folder at launch
    • Ability to apply a regular expression on files
    • Added a debug mode that lists the exceptions encountered
    • DPI adjustment that corrects the blur effect during the Windows zoom
    • Improved memorization of parameters
    • General improvement of all output files
    • Improved application design
    • General reorganization of the source code and bug fixes of all kinds
  • LUD 1.17 Jun 19th, 2014 -  98 times
    • Reorganization forms and fixes of small bugs
    • Window resizable
    • Fixed a bug when changing language
    • Fixed a bug in the XLS generation in Office 2003
  • LUD 1.16 May 19th, 2014 -  75 times
    • Ability to generate the list in XLS/XLSX (Excel)
    • Utility now available in English
    • Fixed bugs on change extensions in XP
Thank you for having downloaded my application!

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